Artwork of your family is essential in making home feel like home and in helping those you love see themselves within the bigger picture of the family.


You know it’s time for portraits, but what do you plan to do with them?  Not sure?  We will guide you.  Have an idea?  Let’s make sure your creative vision comes to life in your home.

Beginning with the End in Mind informs every creative and design choice we make along the way to ensure the portraits you are commissioning authentically represent the personalities of those you love and compliment the interior design of your home.

Well before the photo shoot we will have a plan for where and how your portraits will hang in your home and/or the story we will tell in your custom designed album.


The Design Appointment is our time to plan and prepare for your photo shoot and to design for where and how your finished artwork will live in your home. Essentially, this appointment is our time to determine the concept, what we are shooting for, and to define the scope of work.

We want to know about your family and kids! To capture their real personalities and connections with each other, we need the details! Which is your shy child? Which is your thinker? Which is your stinker? Understanding your family dynamics helps us to conceptualize and create artwork that reflects those you love, as they really are.

This is also the time to talk specifically about:
~ The types of clothing that photograph best. Let’s make sure we have a good idea of what everyone should wear for the photo shoot we are designing.
~ Which areas of your home are ideal for your portraits. Using our design software and photos of the walls of your home, you will see your portrait concepts scaled and displayed onto your walls, taking into account the interior design of your home and decor style
~ Your Investment – Beginning With the End in Mind means you will have a clear understanding of the investment you’ll be making for the artwork you’re commissioning before the photo shoot.


Once the Begin with the End in Mind plan has been decided on, it’s time to
make compelling artwork that represents your family as they really are. By design, the photo shoot experience will elicit and capture a variety of expressions, gestures, and emotions as your family interacts with each other (and bonds in the meantime). Not to worry, we will help pose you in the most flattering ways and will provide ques and activities to engage children and adults alike.


Your View and Order Appointment will be approximately two weeks after the photo shoot. This is the time set aside to finalize and place your portrait product order, so let’s be sure to schedule a time when the necessary decision-makers will be present.

Using our Begin With the End in Mind plan, we will use our state-of-the-art design software and images of the walls in your home to scale your actual portraits onto your walls, making visualizing sizing and placement a breeze.


For those clients who prefer to have their portraits delivered and installed in their homes, we will make all the arrangements for your portraits to be delivered and installed approximately 6-10 weeks after your order has been placed.


Once you’re part of the NRSP Family, we help you create a vision for future photo shoots based on the ages and stages of your children and family and the design vision for your home.

Whether it’s a family wall gallery, statement pieces, or albums, we have carefully curated and selected artwork that can be cohesively collected and even relocated across your home over time. We will work with you and your interior designer to make it perfection!

The kids will keep growing and changing and we will have a plan to capture and preserve your family for you over the years. Take this off your list. We’ve got this!